Inside the Art Room: Part I

The Artgrain art room is where strong bonds and great art is created. Many of our artists come in weekly to create works to realize their personal inner vision. Each work holds significant meaning; many of them chose to work on subject matter really close to their hearts. Here’s a look at some of them.

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Ker painting her deceased father on a memorable overseas trip.

Through the Adult weekly painting class, I discovered a skill that I didn’t know I have and great sense of fulfilment knowing that I get better and better as I paint.  The weekly adult class allows me to explore different painting methods, use different medium and paint things that are meaningful to me; a way to record my experiences, life and things that I like, alternative to journal writing.  Sometimes it is also creating non-commercial significant gifts for friends or family members.

I enjoyed the weekly class so much that I have been attending it for 6 years and still going. Love to meet great people who love to paint. My classmates have become my personal friends, we learn together, share painting experiences, tips and ideas and we even share family jokes, cooking recipes… almost anything we can think of.


Jeline illustrated her father with such energy and vitality.
Boon Sym
Boon Sym’s highly personal subject matters are centralized on her family members’ favourite kueh kueh, their childhood photos, her husband’s highly aesthetic photographs. She gives us a glimpse into her loving perspectives of her loved ones.
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Daniel is relishing his role as a father with the immediacy of the watercolour, capturing the “moments of growing up” of his young children.

Isn’t it heartwarming to see how these people are preserving precious memories within their artworks? Look out for Part II of the adults feature in the upcoming post!

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