My Bright and Early Saturday Class

Hello! I am teacher Josephine Chan from Artgrain – Bukit Timah Plaza. We have recently set up a blog to share with you our students and teachers recent updates, for you to get to know us more in depth.

I would like to share with you my new class @Artgrain Bukit Timah Plaza #02-11.

We have just open a new class for the past two months, early in the morning 8.15am – 9.30am for the little ones. Currently we have 3 students in this bright and early Saturday class.



Sheldon, learning how to draw the elephant.


Sean, learning how to draw and paint lily flowers.


Kiara, first time building a building using fibre clay. – Her Orchard Wheelock building

Morning Class

These are the early birds who turn up every Saturday – Sean (bottom), Kiara (middle), Sheldon (far left), and teacher Josephine (far right)

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