Portfolio Feature: Nikita Siregar

Today we are featuring the artworks of a young artist in our Portfolio Preparatory Class, Nikita Siregar.
Nikita joined Artgrain in 2015 when she was in Primary Four. She loved doodling and expressed her fondness for Anime through detailed character sketches in the way she knows best, drawing. From there, she went on to hone her skills in drawing and painting in Portfolio class, growing in maturity, along side with her creations.
How has Portfolio Preparatory class been like for you?
Nikita: It has been awesome! I really loved this class, because through this class,  it has given me many benefits! This class has taught me many skills and helped me create many works for my portfolio. I have also made many good friends through the class, which is a huge bonus for me! The teachers are also very nice and helpful.
What is your favourite work that you have created so far?
Nikita: My favourite artwork is titled Stroke of Paris. I like it because I felt that it is one of my best works. I also like the idea behind the artwork, where I used negative space to transform the blank canvas to create something that is intriguing. I also especially love Paris as I find it’s a beautiful city. In, a way, I’m painting my dream, both literally and metaphorically.
Look out for more features of talented artists in the making in our future posts!

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