Adult Feature: Jeline

Today we have a sharing by Jeline, one of our adult students. She enjoys portraying her closest ones in her paintings, capturing a specific moment or expression that is beloved to her.

I was previously an Art Elective Programme student, and had worked with variety of mediums like ceramics, charcoal drawing, watercolour, acrylic, chinese painting and oil. I had then stopped working on any art pieces since I graduated. I picked up painting again two and a half years ago at Artgrain. I was then pregnant with my second child and continued painting even after my baby was born. I couldn’t bear to stop my lessons with the school.

The learning experience with the school is fun, inspiring and rewarding. We get together with people from all walks of life for the same reason. We are all art lovers.

I am very much into painting portraiture. My closest family members have become my subject matters. I have drawn my two darling daughters, my father and my hubby. The feeling is amazing to see the finished portraits of my love ones. Every portrait unlocks different painting skills set, my painting becomes more intricate each time.

– Jeline

Freya on a Summery Day

The first portraiture of my eldest daughter, Freya. We were having our family day at the Marina Barrage. Freya was wearing her favourite straw hat. She was bubbly as usual, feeling relaxed and cheery despite the scorching weather.


Kids were playing in the gym and my 2-year-old daughter, Freya, looked on with wonder. This was an incidental moment captured of the child’s curiosity. Her image was mirrored on the glass panel.

Thumb Sucking Playful Baby

A picture of my cheeky and playful 6 months old baby girl, Phoebe, who loves thumb sucking.

Daddy’s Affection

Jeline Ang
This is my little baby girl Phoebe, at 4 months old with her Daddy. She adores Mummy and not Daddy. Daddy is showing his deep affection by hard kissing her.


This portrait is dedicated to my most respectable father. Like most sole family breadwinners, he worked really hard to provide for the family. This portrait depicts him in his fifties, dignified and benevolent.

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