Creative response for Seedling Class -planned by Teacher Vicky

Art is a visual response to what we see and what we think. To cultivate an imaginative mindset, there are new lessons for the seedling students to have fun and learn in the process of completing an artwork. Today, I  will share two of our lessons to you.

The first one: Outerspace


What is the first thing you think of about ‘Outerspace’? Stars, planets, cosmic and rocket? In this lesson, students will learn to create their own outerspace using splattering effect to create stars and stencil brush/ spoiled brush to create texture on the planets. With just a simple slice on the paper and a paper fastener it allows the paper rocket to move on the artwork! The animated movement of the space ship is in sync with the subject matter and teaches our students to link art to idea.

The second one: Castle

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

This lesson will teach our students a new painting technique call Sgrafitto. Sgrafitto is a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting colour. This is usually seen and used on walls, plaster and ceramics. Therefore, it is more than suitable to use this technique on a subject like the castle.

Don’t worry, it is extremely easy to achieve this effect! First, you paint a layer of acrylic paint and dry it completely. Secondly, you paint the second layer and scratch out the design of the wall bricks with a skewer while the paint is still wet to reveal the first layer of colour underneath. (Make sure the two colours are contrasting enough.) With this it replicate the patterns that is often seen on brick walls and even the little dent in between the bricks. This technique can be apply to not just bricks patterns, it is also suitable for creating wood texture/patterns and many more.


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