September Holiday Workshop – Jurassic Art

During the September school holidays, Artgrain conducted various 3-day workshops where students learnt about art through creating their own unique artworks. 


In the Jurassic Art workshop, the children made their favorite dinosaurs using clay and created a canvas painting of a prehistoric landscape. 


After selecting the type of dinosaur they would like to create, the students first shaped the individual body parts out of clay, before joining them together using basic sculpting techniques. Then they added more details, by making spikes or teeth using clay, and by carving out facial features or textures with various tools. After their clay models dried, they painted their dinosaurs in different colours and with different patterns. The students also sketched out their ideas for a background onto a canvas, and created an acrylic painting of a beautiful landscape to accompany their clay dinosaurs. 


Here are some photos of the workshop: 


Dinosaurs sculpted from air-dry modelling clay
Painting their dinosaurs with acrylic paint


Students with their clay dinosaurs and canvas painting

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