February Special Project

We had a 3-week long special art project at Artgrain recently, where students learnt how to develop their ideas into a concept, how to sculpt with modelling clay, and how to execute their concepts into a 3D sculpture. Seedling Art and Headstart Art students worked with the theme of “Animal Island”, where they created an island for their favourite animal. Foundational Art and Developmental Art students created their own “Fantasy Island” which incorporated either a treehouse, castle or building.

Conceptualizing ideas


Design drawing  (Tang Zi Xuan, Seedling Art)

Before sculpting their final work with clay, students brainstormed for ideas and sketched out their design concept. Through this, they learnt how to consolidate ideas, generate different possible compositions, and finally settle and refine on a single design. This allowed them to also envision how their design would look like, and aided in the subsequent stage of making the clay models.

Sculpting of clay model

Here are some examples of the students’ sculptures!

Alexander Tan, Seedling Art
Loh Kai Xian, Headstart Art
Alan Yan, Foundational Art
Annie Huang, Developmental Art

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