Adult Art- Lesson Sharing

Adult Art
(18 and above)

Lesson Sharing by Teacher Grace


Our adult classes are the most flexible of all the classes at Artgrain. Adult students are encouraged to pursue their own interests and passions. They choose the subject matter and medium that they use. It doesn’t matter how much prior experience you have in art: we will meet you where you are and impart to you the skills needed to make the art that you want to make.

Here is a sample of the development process for a painting by one of our students, Cyrena.

Cyrena, inspired by a semi-abstract artwork she saw, wanted to make a painting as a gift for her daughter, depicting the silhouette of a dancer and a dress made up of multi-coloured brushstrokes. We decided to start with a photo reference and develop the idea from there.


A collection of the studies Cyrena did to prepare for the painting, including:
– Original photo reference
– Charcoal gesture study
– Color study in chalk pastels
– Ink drawing practice for woman’s body


Having decided beforehand how the painting would look, Cyrena proceeded to build up the final work in several stages. First, the background; then the figure; finally, the dress was created using oil paint and a palette knife to create a textured, complex surface.

Cyrena’s painting began with a photo reference, but by the end of the process it transformed into a completely different image. Our adult classes are a place where such creativity can flourish. Our teachers are not only experts in art techniques, but are equipped with a wide knowledge of different art styles, art movements, and artists. We facilitate the creative process through sharing ideas and inspiration as well as demonstrating techniques for each student to learn.

If you have ever harboured the ambition to make your own artwork, our adult classes may be a stimulating and fulfilling place for you.

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