Developmental Art- Lesson Sharing

Developmental Art
(9 to 12 yrs old)

Lesson Sharing by Teacher Kim


Students who have completed Module 5 of Foundation Art and have turned 9 years old, will then move on to Developmental Art. Students who have come to this stage will have  gained the knowledge of observational skills and are able to handle challenging works in many different mediums. DA.

In DA, students will gain maturity and sensitivity in their drawing and painting. They are able to articulate and apply the element of art and technical skills they had learnt in FA to a much challenging works in DA. Hence, independence will be encouraged in our teaching steps.


1st Stage: Teachers will start with introducing students the objective of the lesson and give a short demonstration of the art concept, the child is then asked to follow the step-by-step drawing demonstration. In this process, students will be asked to use shape as a guideline to achieve good proportions.


2nd Stage: Students are introduced to the medium that they will be using, teachers will demonstrate the different techniques and ways of using the medium for example, rendering of tones and various stroke mark making. Students will then try out the techniques on their own until they are comfortable with the medium.


3rd Stage: Students will transfer the drawing onto final artwork, applying what teacher had taught them in the previous steps. Students will first give a base coat of the different tonal value.


4th Stage: Students will then use both charcoal and eraser to build up the layers of strokes and make contrast in dark/highlight areas to achieve depth of the subject.



DA allows students to be exposed to more mediums other than acrylic painting. We allow more in depth understanding of the medium and how to apply them to an artwork. They will also gain more knowledge of different artist and the styles they apply in a work, therefore students are able to create more imaginative works.


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