Digital Art- Lesson Sharing

Digital Art
(7 to 16 yrs old)

Lesson Sharing by Teacher Goh Hong


In Digital Drawing, students draw, paint and create artworks on the digital platform. Using a tablet and a stylus, students learn a variety of tools and explore different ways of art-making in programs like Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro.

Here is a process example by Didi Chua, 8 years old.


1st stage: On a new layer, Didi did a rough sketch of the subject matter based on the reference artwork he selected


2nd stage: On a new layer below the sketch, Didi painted in base colours of the otter with a standard hard round brush. On a separate layer below, he filled in the background with a flat colour using the paint bucket tool, before adding more tones with soft round brush at varying opacities.


3rd stage: Didi added more tones, highlights and shadows for the otter. He then painted in the silhouette of the fishes in the water.


4th stage: Didi added ripples, waves and bubbles in the water on a new layer. Using a small hard round brush, he added more details in terms of textures and patterns on the otter.


5th stage: Didi refined the artwork by neatening the edges with the eraser tool, and drawing a precise line work for the otter.

Through different themes and subject matters, students first learn about lines and shapes, then tones and textures, while trying out different artistic styles. After mastering the main tools of digital art, they move on to learn about compositional layout, mixed media works and the applications of digital art. The skills that they acquire in the Digital Art programme are not applicable just in art, but also in various design disciplines. For more info:


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