Foundational Art- Lesson Sharing

Foundational Art
(7 to 12 yrs old)

Lesson Sharing by Teacher Vicky


In Foundational Art we help them to develop the keenness and ability to observe and to visually articulate these observations. As children are growing, art can be introduced as a visual tool to help them identify things around them and help them make sense of the world. Through art making, students can train in their eyes and hands coordination.


1st Stage: Teachers will start with introducing students the objective of the lesson and give a short demonstration of the art concept, the child is then asked to follow the step-by-step drawing demonstration. In this process, students will be asked to use shape as a guideline to achieve good proportions and placement.

2nd Stage: Students will then transfer the drawing onto final artwork, applying what teacher had taught them in the first 15 minutes of the class.


3rd Stage: Student will start to paint the bigger areas which are usually the negative space. Blending skills were taught to the students to achieve smooth transition between light and dark tones.


4th Stage: Layers of paint were used to achieve good rendering of the subject. Starting with mid-tone with a hint of yellow, then to darkest tone and lastly the lightest tone. Students will learn how to paint following the contour lines of the subject.


5th Stage: Repeat the same steps and concept to the other fruits and add on finishing touches.


The lessons in Module one teaches student the basic elements of art which will then be repeatedly apply in the future lessons. Other than painting, students are exposed to mixed medium works and different artistic styles to widen their knowledge of the possibilities in finishing an art work. With the knowledge they have learnt in class, students can apply and translate their creative ideas to visual form.


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