Secondary Art- Lesson Sharing

Secondary Art
(13 to 16 yrs old)

Lesson Sharing by Teacher Amirah


Our Secondary Art programme provides a comprehensive training that complements, and goes beyond the art curriculum offered in schools.Students can strive towards independence and technical ability to create art in their own time with the skills and knowledge acquired.

In this programme, we will teach students firstly the foundational skills in drawing and painting. The ability to articulate observation of shapes, forms, tones and other visual information is a sign of development.Different media & processes will also be introduced in their lessons. Each module will progressively cover different subject matter, movements, and themes in art.

Here’s a sample work process by Ying Jiemin, 14yr.


1st Stage:

This artwork is a painting of a street scene based on a photograph.
The objective of this artwork is to paint using warm and cool colours using bold brushstrokes and also to simplify the details creating a semi-abstract artwork.
At initial stage, Jiemin uses flat colours to create the base layer. She drew an outline using the brush straight away to create a guide so that she will know the appropriate area to fill in with colour. She contructs the painting by breaking down the elements into basic geometric shapes  like squares, rectangles and triangles to create the form.


2nd Stage:
At this stage, once she create the general proportions, she adds in the actual details and colours, placing warms and cool colours side by side. She uses large blocks of colours in the near foreground and smaller blocks to provide definition of the figures.
In the process of doing this painting, Jiemin had to go through trial and error in order to achieve a great result in her painting.
The mechanics of painting will be learnt over time. With more practise, students will be more confident in developing their own style.


3rd Stage: Jiemin continued to add details for her painting. She used quite blocky, painterly marks overall, with minimal fine details on the painting. She make the final adjustment by adding in shadows and highlights to make the painting resolved.
Jiemin has successfully displayed her technical proficiency with painting.


As learning progresses, there is greater emphasis on the development of ideas into works of art. Art-making no longer limits to creating just a single product, but more importantly, the means of overseeing the whole process of creation takes centre-stage. Learning art as a subject or discipline takes a more autonomous and investigative approach.

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