Seedling Art- Lesson Sharing

Seedling Art (2.5 to 4 yo)

Lesson Sharing by Teacher Syaz


1st Stage: Understanding the subject matter and fine tuning on their eye and hand coordination.


2nd Stage: Learning to identify the areas that they are supposed to paint.

As they are growing, art can be introduced as a visual tool to help them identify things around them and help them make sense of the world. Shapes, colours, lines & marks to feel up designated spaces, gradually teaches them to control their hand, grip, and direction recognises colours and relating them to the appropriate objects around them visually and verbally, basic colour mixing, familiarise certain rules of art-making and to ultimately grasp a regular way of creating art.


3rd Stage: Introduction to tones and gradient


4th Stage: Application of textures, to depict rough and smooth surface of the artwork

Our seedling students are encourage to make mistakes as they will learn to work around it or improvise it to make it better. Students will learn and explore techniques through mark making using various mediums and tools.

They are given options of using the stencil brush to create bushes and sands on their artwork, using bubble wrap to create prints in the background, using toothbrush to splatter paint to create a snowy day or stars in the night sky and using oil pastel to create the strands of hair. These are a few options they will be exposed to. This enables our students to be flexible and versatile as they will discover the various approach that they can create their artwork.




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