May/June Holiday Programme Workshops Part II

Here are some more highlights from our recent holiday workshops.

Time Travel Clay Capsule

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “time travel?” Science fiction? The future? What would you say to your future self, if you could send them a message?

Students at Artgrain pondered this question as they designed and created their clay time capsules.

In addition to learning slab and joining clay techniques, they wrote a letter to their future self — a message placed inside the time capsule, to be opened up 10 years later.

We hope they will be inspired and encouraged by their letter, when they open it in a decade!

Poetry in Painting

We usually think of canvas paintings as containing only visuals, and not words. But some of our holiday workshop students broke the mold as they created beautiful illustrations of some poems. Words and visual are both very powerful communicating tools. In art, both can be used to convey our ideas, thoughts and values.

In their pieces, poetry and painting work perfectly well together to create new ideas. Here are some of their works!

We hope that you have been inspired by this beautiful combination!

Stay tuned for more glimpses of what our holiday workshops at Artgrain offer.

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