Special Projects: CLAY

Yes, it’s time for another exciting two weeks at Artgrain – with our special clay project happening right now.


Whether your child is enrolled in Foundational Art, Sketching, or any of the drawing- and painting-based courses, rest assured that there are opportunities to broaden their artistic horizons with the quarter-yearly Special Projects, where the studio engages all of our (under-secondary) students in a surprise studio-wide activity.

This July, we are focused on clay, a 3-D medium that allows our kids to really get their hands dirty, and get themselves fully involved in literally shaping their work. Did you know that sculpting can help your child to develop a keener sense of spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination? Not to forget, it’s also lots of fun – and we can certainly think of no better way to learn.



What an army of clay bowls… Can’t wait for the painting of the bowls to begin this coming week. More updates to follow!


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