Thematic Painting Competition Winners

Congratulations to all our Thematic Painting Competition Winners!
Kim Ra En (4)
Bukit Timah Branch

Ra En’s textured background goes perfectly with her neatly painted ice cream sandwich. The shading of the ice cream and careful drawing on the sprinkles shows an attention to detail that is commendable for a young student.

Caitlin Chua (3.5)
Parkway Branch

Caitlin’s painting uses colour and texture well in its delicious depiction of a bowl of fishball noodles and chilli. The variety of brushstrokes for the table, noodles and fishcake creates interest.

Amelia Koh (4)
Thomson Branch

Amelia’s self-portrait is a charming depiction of a day by the beach. The contrast of realistic textures, collaged images, and adorable cartoons creates a varied and interesting image.


Josiah Lee (4)
Thomson Branch

Josiah’s painting depicts all the energy and excitement a child’s mind can come up with. While he has chosen to paint his character and otters in a relatively simple style, his composition succeeds in creating a sense of movement, and the bright, clean colours are truly eye-catching.

Worawit Jutahkiti (6)
Bukit Timah Branch

Worawit’s shows a deep fascination and close observation of the subject matter, a Singapore Airlines plane. He has successfully painted details such as the logo on the plane and its row of windows. The bright blue background provides a contrasting background to the greys and whites of the airport scene.

Christine Wee, (6)
Thomson Branch

Chrstine’s painting shows a sensitivity to details and shading. Though the composition is simple, the use of one larger and one smaller shape creates interest. The rabbit and wrapper design are well-painted, with good control of the brush for her age.

More on our Foundational Art, Developmental Art, and Portfolio Students next week!
Winners were selected based on these criteria:
  • Original composition: interpreting or manipulating the subject matter to create an image that expresses the artist’s idea 
  • Painting Skills: the sensitivity of brushstrokes and ability to blend and render form, space and surface in paint 
  • Use of Colour: appropriate use of colour scheme in the painting, to achieve realism or expressiveness, to create harmony or emphasis depending on the theme of the work 
  • Personal Response: a painting that expresses an original response to the thing, depicting the child’s personal experience or point of view


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